President:Hiroshi Okagaki

Together with diverse partners,
aim to be the leading total solution trading company from Kyoto.

My name is Hiroshi Okagaki, and as of June 28 this year, I have assumed the position of Representative Director and President.
As we strive to further enhance our corporate value under the new structure, we ask for your continued support.

Starting this fiscal year, we have launched our new Medium-term Vision, "T-Link1369 -Road to 100th-," looking forward to fiscal year 2026. While enhancing the growth strategy established in the previous Medium-term Vision, we will take on the challenge of innovations beyond the exiting framework and promote business expansion in the growing markets of digital transformation (DX), automation, renewable energy, and related fields. Furthermore, we will endeavor to improve capital efficiency and engage in sustainability management, becoming a company that can adapt to societal changes and ensure sustainable growth.

The company currently has expanded to seven branches and one sales office, as well as ten affiliates (five domestic and five overseas). In addition to its flagship Mitsubishi Electric products and many other partner products, the Company offers original products and system development to meet the diverse needs of our customers. As the leading total solution trading company from Kyoto, we will continue taking on challenges at the forefront of the current era, providing solutions to diverse issues in various business fields, including industrial equipment, semiconductor devices, social infrastructure, and information and communications.

We look forward to your continued patronage in the future.