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News Release

Providing supplies support to Ukraine

We have provided the following support to Ukraine through Operation Blessing Japan, an international NGO, by providing assistance for heating shortages brought about in Ukraine by the worsening electricity situation due to the war, where they are experiencing severely cold weather.

1. Details

  • Disposable heat pads: 50,000 pieces (total weight: approximately 6,000 pounds)
  • Destination: all over Ukraine


2. Sending to Ukraine

  • Conducted through Operation Blessing Japan, an international non-profit organization
    * This organization is active in 39 countries across the world, with bases in both Poland and Ukraine


3. Schedule

  • Late January: completion of supply shipment by air from Japan to Poland
  • Mid-February: arrival and distribution of goods in Ukraine


4. Means of support

To ensure that the contents and usage of the supplies are easily understood, we attached the following illustrations to the cardboard boxes.
We put our wish for them to be delivered to the local people quickly and reliably in the illustrations.

* Meaning of Ukrainian in the illustration. (Top part: Disposable heat pads / Middle part: It warms up quickly! / Lower part: warm)

The illustration attached to the cardboard boxes