Products Information

FA and Device Business

Industrial Equipment and Systems

FA devices

We primarily handle industrial factory automation (FA) equipment such as controllers, drive controls, and electricity distribution controls. These form one of the core product areas for the Company, with broad application that includes various manufacturing systems produced by assembly manufacturers and for environmental merchandise. This business field is expected to continue growing at a stable rate going forward.

Factory automation (FA) systems

We provide that little bit of extra added value that extends beyond the sale of single products such as systems that automate the production line and save on labor by way of accepting orders for integrated machinery and systems. This is an area of focus for Takebishi as a technological trading company, with the business field projected to expand further in the future.

Industrial equipment

We provide high-precision, high-performance processing machinery and robots that contribute to enhanced productivity and quality. This business field is expected to grow steadily amid increasing need for automation and labor-saving overseas as well as in Japan.

Semiconductors and Devices


We sell semiconductor parts from Japan and overseas mainly to assembly manufacturers and electronic device makers. These products are indispensable in high-performance electronic devices. Going forward, this business field is expected to continue growing steadily.


We handle products from Japan and overseas for incorporation into machinery and for peripheral devices. The products are used in a variety of fields, including home electronics such as PCs, controllers for industrial application, and other products for the amusement sector. This business field is projected to expand further going forward.

Social / Information and Communications Business

Social Infrastructure

Cooling and heating equipment for house use

In this sector, we mainly handle air conditioning units and devices for household equipment. In addition, we cover a wide range of needs from design to construction and maintenance and contribute to the creation of comfortable environments for our customers. We are focusing on environmental and energy-saving products where demand has been expanding in recent years. This business field is expected to grow steadily moving forward.

Building facilities

In this sector, we mainly handle building equipment such as elevators and escalators. This business field is projected to grow at a stable rate in the future amid efforts to make offices more intelligent and buildings and factories more comfortable.

Facilities for power and public utilities

We handle electrical substation equipment for Kansai Electric Power Co. as well as local municipalities in Kyoto and Shiga prefectures (mainly for equipment used in water supply and sewage facilities). Moreover, we sell emergency power generating equipment as well as power distribution facilities for systems in factories and buildings. Stable demand is forecast over the long term in this business field.

Radiation equipment

We handle inspection equipment such as radiation cancer therapy systems and other therapy equipment as well as CT and MRI systems. We have a line-up of state-of-the-art equipment, and this business field is projected to grow over the long term alongside development of sophisticated medical treatment.

Information and Communications Equipment

Information systems

We are developing an integrated business model that ranges from the sale of equipment such as PCs and PC servers to the design, development, and maintenance of mission-critical systems such as sales management and production management systems. Stable demand is forecast for this business field due to ongoing advancements in information technology.

Communications equipment

In telecommunication systems, we are focusing on security systems such as surveillance cameras and controls for entering and exiting, including PBX, which is key to communication within and between companies. This field is projected to grow in the future.